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Why work with us

Why Work With Colorado Wills And Estates?

At Colorado Wills and Estates, we offer more than just legal expertise. We believe in forging genuine connections with our clients, offering them empathy, advocacy, and unwavering support. Our passion lies in easing your burdens and helping protect the assets you’ve spent a lifetime building.

A cornerstone of our practice is our ability to collaborate seamlessly with your team of professionals and adapt our services to meet your unique needs. We tackle complex matters, delivering straightforward solutions in a manner that is easily digestible. When life becomes complex, there’s a clever way to bring back simplicity. Let us guide you on this journey!

Tailored Approach To Your Estate Plan

When addressing estate planning, a “cookie-cutter” strategy is seldom effective. Such an approach often overlooks the intricacies of your unique family dynamics, assets, and cherished values. Many law firms may prioritize volume, working with as many clients as possible in a condensed timeframe to optimize profits. Regrettably, this mass-market strategy often falls short, leading to difficulties for families who had trusted that their plan would safeguard their loved ones in times of need.

Estate Planning Is All That We Do

We don’t dabble in areas like traffic tickets, divorce, or personal injury cases. However, if you require an attorney specializing in these areas, we’re well equipped to connect you with an exceptional one.

Consider this – would you ask your personal injury lawyer to handle your estate plan? Would you want your estate planning attorney to represent you in a heated divorce? Or would you engage a general practice lawyer for your spouse’s intricate Medicaid preplanning when they’re not specifically focused on this nuanced area of law?

While many lawyers practicing in multiple areas of law may assert they can effectively handle these specialized cases, they inevitably divide their time and attention among various practice areas.

At Colorado Wills and Estates, we pour all our focus and resources into estate planning, specail needs planning, probate and Medicaid preplanning. We believe in depth over breadth, which is why we do not entertain other types of cases. We stand by the notion that the most competent attorneys specialize in distinct areas of expertise.

Why Not Use A Do It Yourself Solution?

In the vast expanse of the internet, it’s easy to find DIY services offering to create a sheaf of documents that leave you with a fleeting sense of protection. Many of these online ‘estate planning’ services will even advise you to consult a professional after selling you their set of documents. However, these services often foster a false sense of security as they neglect to account for your unique circumstances.

At Colorado Wills and Estates, we firmly believe that the creation of your estate plan marks not the end, but the inception of our relationship. We aspire to become your lifelong trusted advisor, so when life’s inevitable changes occur – whether it’s your family dynamics, asset composition, or shifts in legal landscapes – we’re on hand to ensure your plan evolves in tandem.

Trust us with your future, and we’ll provide the personalization that automated services can’t match, backed by our unwavering commitment to your peace of mind.

We Want To Help You Protect Your Assets

Your ultimate goal is to leave a legacy, not a barrage of legal complexities. If your estate includes a home, investment portfolio, retirement accounts, rental properties, or a business, it’s crucial to safeguard them from the risks of probate and litigation. Equally important is ensuring your estate plan remains current to prevent new laws from causing unexpected issues upon your passing.

At Colorado Wills and Estates, we leverage our asset protection planning expertise to help you establish the most effective distribution strategy to preserve your assets for future generations. We collaborate with you to devise an estate plan designed to shield your assets from creditors, unforeseen liability lawsuits, divorce, exorbitant estate taxes, and the escalating costs of long-term care.

Moreover, if you currently don’t require long-term care but want to ensure you’ll qualify for need-based assistance in the future, we can fortify your assets to cater to this eventuality. Let us help you transform your vision for the future into a strategic, executable plan, tailored for your peace of mind.

We Help Clients And Their Trusted Advisors

At Colorado Wills and Estates, we believe in synergy. We team up with your existing network of trusted advisors, including certified financial planners, investment advisors, insurance agents, accountants, and tax attorneys, to craft a robust and comprehensive estate plan. This collaborative approach ensures that every aspect of your financial landscape is considered, culminating in an estate plan that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our commitment is to provide you with the most thorough and effective solutions in estate planning, leaving no stone unturned in safeguarding your legacy.

We Focus On Your Family

Why choose Colorado Wills and Estates? Because we prioritize you and your family. The journey to a successful and personalized estate plan commences with our comprehensive discovery process. We delve into understanding your unique family dynamics, the assets you hold dear and seek to protect, and the values that shape your life. Our approach is not just about legalities, it’s about understanding your story, your dreams, and your vision for the future.